Your Testimonial

Quick and friendly service. Travis was great to work with and professional. Thank you

Anthony S.

Had a bad battery installed at an auto shop, Tim was able to suss it out, get me back on the road and a refund from the auto shop...Great Service...

Ken N.

Tim was great, towed my x5 in a Sunday. Courteous, safe, efficient.

Jennifer J.

Jacob showed up on Easter to help me out he is kind, personable and very nice. got me on my way quickly

Karen V.

great service! Tim is the best. he has helped me several times with towing my high maintenance oversized truck. very professional and sweet!

Laura C.

Jacob, very friendly, on time, did his best to get me going.

Denise H.

Tim was resourceful, quick, very friendly and helpful! He made a more stressful situation less stressful. Thank you, Tim!

Janna D.

Tim helped me change a flat and got me back on the road in no time. He was very nice, professional and turned my day around! I will be recommending Pinkie Tow to others, simply because of Tim and his wonderful service.

Cassie H.

Have used Pinkie Tow a lot and I have always had a great experience. Super professional and friendly. Tim helped me out today and did an awesome job!

Paul R.

Tim from pinkie tow was great. got my car out of the snow in less than 10 minutes! great service, totally recommend.

Ben A.

Please thank Anthony for the jump start on a busy Wednesday. He was very courteous and fast!

Michelle L.

Tim Boyd was amazing !! Traveling to California to get my daughter and broke down !! They did not take advantage of us and even took us to a shop they trusted and had us on are way! Thanks !!!!!!

Logan D.

Thank you Travis My knight in shining armour! Arrived when he said he would, courteous, informative, helpful, efficient, clean cab to sit in, and pleasant company. He'd had a very long day and he was still smiling. Thank you so much.

Dawn T.

I have had Tim tow me two times now and he did an awesome job! Always on time and fast!

Ryker C.

Had a flat tire on my ford expedition, Tim took extra time to find my car, he was on time anyway. He got the tire fixed even though it was difficult to remove. He was both quick and gave service with a smile 10/10 would call again!

Stuart M.

This company is so great! My mom's truck broke down and she didn't have the money to pay for a tow but Pinkie's towing came and picked up my mom first and then towed her back home for next to nothing! Thank you guys so much!

Tanea E.

Pinkie Tow was sent to my house via AAA to test and change my battery. Anthony was VERY quick and friendly. The level of customer service I received made an otherwise annoying situation much more pleasant!

Adriana C.

Tim was terrific and got the truck out of this huge snow drift in no time! Would definitely use them again!

Debra D.

pinkie two was great Tim was very professional and a great help would refer them to anyone thanks again Tim Boyd

Dallas S.

We had our car towed the other day, and Tim the tow truck driver was early and did a great job! Thanks again

Nichole M.

I just want to say thank you to Travis! He rescued me from the side of the freeway. He was professional and got me home quickly. He even turned up the heat for me. Thanks again Travis!!!

Tomi T.

Both times I've used Pinkie Tows services I have been beyond pleased.
They were quick and did not have me waiting long.
The best part for me was their employees. Both gentlemen who came to my rescue were both friendly, knowledgeable, and so helpful. They definitely went above and beyond.
The customer service was superb.

Cathie S.

These operators and owner are always more than happy to help and are always prompt. Love the professionalism

Lori H.

If you're in a bind like I was tonight, call Pinkie Tow! GEICO dispatched Pinkie Tow to help me when my car got stuck in the snow berms at my apartment complex while trying to park. By the time Tim showed up with his truck to help, I was very frustrated as multiple people had walked by me, watching me struggle, unwilling to help. Tim went above and beyond to make my experience a stellar one! He let me borrow his shovel so I could completely clear my parking spot while he pulled my car out of the snow. Then he was nice enough to back it into a tight spot for me and test it to ensure that it (hopefully, fingers crossed) won't be stuck in the morning! It was a very pleasant experience from a company and driver that I'm sure is very overworked at the moment. The positive attitude and amazing professionalism was much appreciated. The fact that he did a little extra for me sealed the deal, Pinkie Tow always! Don't forget to thank the tow truck drivers out helping all of us through this crazy snowstorm!

Jessica C.