Call Us If You Need a Tow

Call Us If You Need a Tow

Ask about our towing services in Pasco, WA

When you need a tow, who will you call for help? Don't choose just any towing company-make Pinkie Tow LLC your top choice for towing services in Pasco, WA. Why us? We're an AAA-affiliated towing team with medium-duty towing capabilities. Pasco-area residents know us for our damage-free towing process.

Need help with a fleet car, truck or trailer? We also offer commercial towing services.

Call us at 509-851-7010 to discuss your needs with a local towing pro.

What type of vehicle do you need towed?

If you need towing services, make Pinkie Tow your first choice for the job. Our experienced towing team offers an array of services throughout the Pasco, WA area, including:

  • Commercial towing-you can trust us to tow small trucks and trailers.
  • Traditional towing-you can depend on us to tow most makes and models of commuter vehicles.
  • Exotic towing-you can count on us to tow exotic vehicles from manufacturers like Porsche, Lamborghini and Land Rover.

You can trust us to tow your car to your desired location safely. Contact Pinkie Tow today to speak with a local towing expert.

We Service Franklin County & Benton County